Three Things We Should Always Remember

I may have mentioned this before, but habitually, every night before going to bed, I read quotes.  Some are inspirational, some are sweet, others reflect the truths of life, but they all send me into a blissful dream state before bed.  Recently, came across this extremely talented artist’s website named Lisa Congdon.  She artistically writes quotes to make them more appealing to the eye.  I read all 365 of her postings, in one sitting mind you, and I would love to share a few with you.
“LIFE GOES ON” – Sometimes we feel that we can’t go on, or overcome an obstacle, and that we might never recover from some sort of devastation in life.  But one thing is certain, you will recover as much as you want to.
“DEPTH OF LIFE” – I love this idea of quality over quantity!  It is so true, it’s not about money, it’s about living in a way that will make you happy. Making sure you enjoy every day, is what will give you a fulfilling life!
“THOSE WHO BELIEVE” – That feeling of pride when you accomplish another dream, and get to work toward making your next dream come true =Pure Bliss!  The power to make these things come true are in our hands!  If you have faith that opportunities will come your way to provide you all the desires of your heart, they will! If you believe in yourself, and know that you can accomplish the your dreams and goals, you will!
P.S. I wrote this post in 2014.  Up until recently I would read quotes before bed, and fall asleep reading to them.  Now I read, or meditate before bed.  More on my bedtime rituals in another post!