The Importance of a Vision Board

During my workshops I always discuss the importance of visualization.  When you visualize, your brain sees no difference from you actually doing it.  When you put something up on your vision board, an image of something that you declared you want, it creates a conflict in your subconscious because it’s not something you have yet.  Because of the magnificence of the human brain, your subconscious then attempts resolve this conflict by changing your currently reality into the vision of what you want.  In simple terms, your mind begins to create the “how” for getting the goals you want.  You will begin having new ideas throughout your day, and even see spikes in your motivation.

When you put up a picture of your goal all you have to do is visualize it complete.  Olympic medalists all use these as they visualize their end result: winning the race.  NASA placed a picture of the moon and they were 2 years ahead of schedule for their Apollo program!

Every year, I pick my top goals, get my pictures printed, and TADA! Take a look at my vision board with my 2018 goals! (Image at the top of this post!)

If you need help on how to create a vision board click the article here.