Motivation Monday Vibes

Good morning! You’re awake! You’re alive! And yet, most of us are burdened with the issue of dread that comes with Mondays.  We mope around with our coffee mug, feeling sorry for ourselves that we aren’t doing what we want.  So we complain, and make small talk about how “Well, it’s Monday.”  It serves no one to have a pity party about Mondays.  We all have to go through them, and they’re actually just like any other day in the week, another 24 hours to live your purpose.  The only weight Mondays hold is the negativity you place on it.  But it’s time to begin to look at Mondays as a blessing.  You woke up, and that’s something we most often take for granted, and it’s something not all of us get the opportunity of having.  You have another day of life, be grateful.

So here’s my challenge for you.  Begin to treat your Mondays as though it were your favorite day of the week.  What day of the week do you get excited to seize the day? Is it Friday’s because the weekend is a mere hours away, is it Saturday because the amount of things you could do is endless? Yes we have responsibilities of going to work or school, but Monday could be the best day of your life!  It all comes down to perspective.  If you approach the day with disdain, that’s what you’re going to reflect back into your life.

Approach the day with a new found excitement, and plan to make time for yourself to do the things YOU love.   When you’re in the mindset that you have another 24 hours of endless opportunities to create life the way you want it to be.  It all starts with your perspective.  So put on a smile, and place a little pep in your step because you’re alive, you’re talented, and you have endless opportunities ahead of you!