The Importance of a Morning Routine

If you know me, you know that I believe a morning routine is incredibly important. The way you start your morning really shapes and affects your attitude and how you take on the rest of your day. Though it’s suggested to have a similar daily morning routine, I like choosing one that works for me.

I like structure, but I sometimes get bored off of routine. Therefore, I have a few different morning routines I like to vary which keep me productive, accomplished, and happy. I like to go with how I feel when I wake up so that my morning routine never feels like a chore.

Your morning routine should never feel like a chore.

On some days my morning routine will start with meditation followed by a gratitude practice with a little mini booty workout while reading my daily devotionals, followed by a 20-45 minute yoga flow. Depending on time. And finally, I write down what needs to get done that day.

Some days I need this routine more than others. Meditation grounds you, keeps you zen, and releases your stress from the night before. I’ve found that first thing in the morning, I cannot do a 15-20 minute meditation, as I start to feel restless and feel stressed with time. (Meaning that’s probably when I need it most!) Instead, I’ve found my sweet spot, a 7-9 min meditation feels incredible. I’ve found the longer meditations work better for me later in the day or before bed.

It’s all about what works for you.

I love moving my body early in the morning because I release tension, and give my body a little extra love in the morning. I feel better when I’m sitting and working.

My daily devotionals include practicing gratitude with Rhonda Byrne’s book, The Magic. And other one page devotionals by Joel Osteen & Sarah Young which discuss inspiration and faith.

On other days I will wake up do a little work out and then get started on my writing.

Sometimes I’m just so inspired that I can’t wait to get writing.

I choose what works for me. But when I spend too much time checking email and social media, I end up feeling rushed, and skipping my morning routine. Leaving me dissatisfied, and trying to play catch up, or fix my mood the rest of the day.

I know sometimes it’s hard to have a secure morning routine when you’re rushing to get to work, but make sure you’re using time effectively. For instance, don’t spend time checking your email first thing (something I am guilty of.) And don’t spend time scrolling through your Instagram. You can do that later in the day.

So how can you create your most productive, efficient, and mood boosting morning routine? Here’s how:

  • Figure out what gets you in the best mood in the morning. Or what practice relaxes you?
  • What would you like to accomplish in the morning that can help you feel unstoppable the rest of the day?
  • What habit is important for you to get done every morning?
  • What is most important to you, that you get done before the start of your day?

Figuring out what’s important for you to get done in the morning is the perfect starting point. It will guide you to shape the rest morning ritual that way.

Maybe you need to wake up earlier to fit more in. Maybe you can work these practices in later in your day.

Remember it’s about what works best for YOU not anyone else. It’s your morning, it’s your life. Create it how you want to live it.

Every morning doesn’t have to begin with Zen meditation to get you off to a good start. Whatever brings the start of your day to a place of positivity is a worthwhile habit to cultivate. Willpower is highest in the morning, so get to the things you’d like to done!

Need a little extra help figuring out your morning routine? Sign up for my workshop or take one of my courses!