Learn How to Master Your Mind

Learn how to master your mind.  Your thoughts change your world.  Be aware that every moment you are thinking something, whether it makes you feel good or bad, you are creating your future.  The law of attraction is so easy to understand once you realize how it works.

It’s simple

1) recognize what you want

2) visualize yourself acquiring or accomplishing what you want

3) think positively toward it

4) make efforts toward your goal

Attaining your goals will come easier to you, doors will open, you will attract more positive opportunities through this action.  Stress, worry, disappointments, bitterness, all trigger negative emotions.  How can you change them into positives? Focus on the things you love.  Make a list of everything you love.  For instance, I love that I have a mind that gives me the ability to create stories, I love that I live in a place where the weather is always nice, I love my freedom to purse my goals, etc. All these little things that you love about life make you feel happy! You can even use these loves lists when you are frustrated about something.  For example you are frustrated about your job or boss, you could focus on all the great things about your job, “I love that job- allows me to pay for the groceries so that my family and I can have nice meals, or because it allows me to make payments on my apartment, or I love that my job has good people, provides coffee, etc.”

You can always look on the bright side of a situation, no matter what the situation.  Perspective is the difference between you having a bleh day and a great one!