Day 3: Do What You Love!

I’m taking a creative writing class.  Just for fun.  I enjoy it so much.  The professor gives us prompts in class, and we write together then read our work.  For homework, we make strides toward finishing our novel that we created in that class.  I can’t express the amount of bliss I feel when I am in class.  Having a degree in writing, and a masters in writing doesn’t stop me from the taking class.  For one, you’re never done learning, and two, why not do what makes your soul sing?  I started taking these classes last semester, and I intend on taking one writing class a semester for the rest of my life.

All this to say, that you should be doing what makes you happy!  Life is too short to not be doing the things that you find enjoyment in.  Make an effort to take time for yourself and squeeze in those things that fire you up inside. 🙂 It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day of things, that we lose sight of giving ourselves fulfillment.  Doing little things for yourself, and not waiting until Monday, or next month, or tomorrow makes you so much happier in the moment, and even when you’re doing things you have to do that you don’t necessarily love.  It’s like you’re giving yourself positive, refreshing fuel. Schedule time for you to do what you love daily! <3