Day 1: New Habits to Adopt

7 Days of New Habits to Adopt!

Welcome to day one! We’re already in mid January, and I’ve decided to start this challenge to get you on the routine to becoming your best self!

Put yourself on your to-do list:

“We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our to-do list” –Michelle Obama

What’s something you want to accomplish for YOU that you keep putting on the back burner?  Is it to go for a run every morning? Is it to detox? Is it to declutter your home? Start playing the guitar? Take a class?  Whatever it may be, use this challenge to promise yourself that you will begin to make yourself, your wants, your needs a priority.

“We often forget that it is our own choice how we live our life.”

Make time for yourself to do what you feel passionate about every day.  Schedule appointments of “Me Time,” and act as though that time is when you’re meeting with Oprah.  (I don’t think anybody would ever cancel an appointment with Oprah.)

Let Oprah represent your inner best self; one that can accomplish all the desires of their heart, help people, be a person of influence, be a billionaire, and be incredibly successful.  (Success means different things to different people so modify as needed.)

All this is to say, don’t cancel your “Me Time” meeting.  Working on yourself, and doing what you feel passionate about will improve your day, mood, and outlook on life.  Take time for yourself! We only get one life! Create it as you wish!