Believe in Yourself

Believe in yourself! If there is something that you want to do, you are meant to do it.  As cliche as this will sound, you can do everything that you set your mind to.  The desire placed in your heart is there because you were meant to fulfill it! It’s essential that you become your own advocate because life is going to throw obstacles at you that you must overcome!  Hardships are all apart of the process, you shouldn’t let them discourage you! People are going to say things to put you down to see you fail.  There’s going to be criticism, and lots of self doubt.  Most importantly you have to encourage yourself because you need to fill your dreams.  You can be your own worst enemy and let me remind you that YOU are the HERO of your own story.  Your world revolves around you, you get to save the day, everyday, and you have the power to live out your purpose. It’s okay to be critical with yourself, but not brutal.  Being a hero means that you live your purpose by being the best version of yourself.  Be your own advocate, inspire yourself, motivate yourself, because your life depends on it! Know that it’s your calling to accomplish whatever is in your heart!