About Me


Nathalie Martinez is a USC graduate in Creative Writing, Film, & World Literature and also holds a Masters Degree from USC in Professional writing.   She is a novelist, simultaneously pursing her writing career and building her inspirational brand. She has her yoga teacher certification, and conducts various yoga and life coaching workshops and weekend retreats for sororities at universities throughout Southern California. She also hosts weekly workshops ambitious men and women in the pursuit of their dreams through Airbnb experiences, and offers private sessions on goal setting, visualization, finding your true purpose, and meditation.   She has written various books through her former job as a writer/editor at Disney, and you can find her new books in stores soon!

Nathalie Martinez created the online course Self Made after her journey to self discovery and realization that there was no course or book out there to help her get out of feeling stuck in her job, and in life. She made the decision to take matters into her own hands and create the life that she loves, and mirrored the steps she took it in the Self Made course to help people create a life where they are happy and fulfilled as well.



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