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t’s only gravity – don’t let it bring you down. The World will send you challenges, disappointments, and situations you’d rather not be in.  The truth is life gives you tests so that you can grow.  No test comes without purpose, and every obstacle can be overcome.  There is no … Continue reading

What inspires me?

People often ask me what inspires me.  The best way for me to answer that is by saying, whenever I feel a strong emotion.  The emotion can be Love, sadness, joy, curiosity, desire, or pressure, but in order for it to inspire me it has to come from a place of … Continue reading


Davy Jones Locker

6/642 days of storytelling:  He let go of the daisy he held in his hand.  Its long stem hit the ground where a footprint was left behind in the sand.  A place where daisies would shrivel up from the sun beating it against the hot sand or from the salty … Continue reading


Let yourself be uncomfortable

#Inspiration A lot of people will try to discourage you from doing things that you know is best for you, or things that you want to do. Some on purpose, others because they think it’s in your best interest, and some because they don’t know better.   People constantly tell … Continue reading


What We Talk About When We Talk About Love

5/642 Days of storytelling    “It’s not about love, ”  Jacqueline said. “It’s never about love” Stacee chimed in. “It’s about convenience,” Marc, Stacee’s husband, said. “You can’t tell them that,” said Jacqueline’s new husband, Jay, as he interrupted the conversation. “Can’t tell us what?” Jacqueline said grabbing her husband’s arm, … Continue reading


Your Internal Compass

#inspiration You’re never going to steer yourself in the wrong direction when you follow your heart.  Your gut is always right.  You can always tell if something is right or wrong by the way that it makes you feel.  If you choose to ignore this, that is another situation completely.  You might talk yourself … Continue reading


The Truck Ride

Day 4/642 days of storytelling: “Do you always know where you’re going?” Jacob said as they sped down the high way with the windows down, sweating from the dessert heat.  They were in his grandfather’s pickup truck, the same light blue as the blanket he’s had for six years of his … Continue reading


I Don’t Want Any Roses

Short Fiction Story: Day 1 of 642 of storytelling “Always sit with your legs crossed,” Bree’s Mother said, as Bree sat swinging her legs joyously back and forth since they could not reach the floor.  Bree’s mother was taking the dead leaves off of the roses. “Except when you’re at … Continue reading


642 Days of Storytelling

I like my type A personality.  Being busy all the time keeps me motivated because I have a goal that I’m constantly working toward.  After having gone to school all my life, and having just graduated with my masters, now that school has started I went through a week of … Continue reading

Overcoming Worry

When you’re in stressful situations… Worry stems from fear, a negative emotion that gets us absolutely nowhere!  When you worry it’s like playing a game of telephone with the universe, and asking for more negative and stressful situations to come to you.  You are creating your life!  And the situation … Continue reading

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